Terrifying Episode: College Football Player Carried Off the Field on a Stretcher

Terrifying Episode: College Football Player Carried Off the Field on a Stretcher

Tonight’s James Madison-Marshall game hit a pause during the fourth quarter due to a distressing incident involving Marshall’s player, J.J. Roberts. Roberts, who had recently joined Marshall as a defensive back after transferring from Wake Forest, seemed to hurt his neck while attempting a tackle. He, a West Virginia native, remained on the field for approximately 20 minutes before being carefully placed on a stretcher while secured to a backboard. You can watch the video clip below to see the tackle that led to Roberts’ injury.

In some good news reported by Richmond Times-Dispatch writer Mike Barber, it seems that JJ Roberts signaled his well-being to the crowd by giving a thumbs-up as he was being taken off the field. The atmosphere at Edwards Stadium was hushed as medical staff secured JJ Roberts onto a backboard and then onto a stretcher. They removed his facemask and shoulder pads. The crowd cheered when they saw Roberts give a thumbs-up while he was being wheeled away. His teammates from Marshall rushed over to the stretcher in support. Barber shared this update on Twitter.

The game in Huntington has started again, and James Madison University is currently leading with a score of 20-9 in the late stages of the fourth quarter. The Dukes are very close to achieving a 7-0 record, which is a significant accomplishment.

Most importantly, we hope to receive positive updates about Roberts in the near future.

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