NFL’s Ongoing Efforts to Eliminate One Hazardous Play

NFL's Ongoing Efforts to Eliminate One Hazardous Play

The NFL is taking steps to remove a particular type of tackle, known as the “hip drop” tackle, from the set of moves that defenders use. NFL executive Jeff Miller explained to reporters that this specific tackle greatly increases the risk of injuries, making it 25 times riskier. Given the high danger involved in this play, Miller stated that it’s essential to eliminate it from the game.

Miller emphasized the need to address this issue, stating, “It’s a harsh and dangerous tactic that we must identify and remove from the game. To give you an idea, we see an injury related to the hip drop almost every week during the regular season.”

Rick McKay, who chairs the NFL’s competition committee, supported Miller’s statements by providing more context. He explained that the hip drop tackle involves a defender encircling the runner and then using their weight to fall on the runner’s leg, particularly their ankle or knee. Defenders resort to this tactic when facing a size disadvantage, trying to bring down a larger opponent. However, this maneuver leaves the runners vulnerable and unable to defend themselves, which is where injuries occur. The runner’s ankle can get trapped under the defender’s weight. McKay drew a parallel between the hip drop tackle and the horse-collar tackle, which is now penalized in the NFL.

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