Travis Hunter’s Response to Shedeur Sanders’ Playful Banter with Arizona State Fans

Shedeur Sanders is now one of the most well-liked players in college football. This highly skilled quarterback from Colorado is poised for an NFL career once he finishes college, and his charisma perfectly complements his success on the football field. Following the Buffaloes’ 27-24 win over Arizona State on Saturday, Sanders playfully teased Arizona State fans by showing off his expensive watch, which is said to be valued at around $70,000.

Colorado’s star wide receiver and cornerback, Travis Hunter, shared his thoughts on the recent development in a recent episode of his podcast, expressing his enthusiasm for it. He mentioned Shedeur, who was showcasing his confidence in front of the student section, even though he knew some people were not pleased with him. Shedeur’s act of flaunting his wrist was a way to rile up his critics, and according to Travis, that’s how you deal with haters – by not caring about their opinions.

Travis appreciated Shedeur’s bold move because it demonstrated that he is unfazed by the negativity and is ready to perform exceptionally on the field. Looking ahead to the upcoming game, Travis emphasized the need for Shedeur to go out there and deliver an outstanding performance.

As for the upcoming match, Colorado is set to play against Stanford at home this Friday, with the game being broadcast on ESPN.

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