Former Partner of Nick Bosa Amasses Over 300,000 Instagram Followers

Nick Bosa and the San Francisco 49ers are currently facing Dak Prescott and the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday evening. At this point, the 49ers are leading the Cowboys 14-7, as we reach the midway point of the second quarter on Sunday night.

While Bosa and the 49ers are showcasing their skills on the field, it’s worth noting that Jenna Berman, the former girlfriend of the 49ers star, has gained quite a following on Instagram, with over 300,000 followers.

Bosa, originally from Florida, had been in a relationship with Berman, who is also a resident of the Sunshine State, during the pandemic. However, they decided to part ways sometime in the past year.

It appears that Berman is thriving post-breakup, and both Berman and Bosa are excelling in their respective endeavors.

In the meantime, the Cowboys and the 49ers are competing in the Sunday evening game, which is being broadcast on NBC.

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