Peter King Speculates on Potential NFL Coach Termination Following This Week’s Loss

Veteran NFL reporter Peter King believes that the job of one NFL head coach might be in danger this weekend.

Peter King Speculates on Potential NFL Coach Termination Following This Week's Loss

 During a recent radio interview, King expressed his opinion that if the Chicago Bears perform poorly and suffer a significant loss to the Washington Commanders on Thursday night, they may consider replacing their head coach, Matt Eberflus. King’s reasoning is that when a team loses 14 games in a row, it’s difficult to justify keeping the current head coach in place. 

“You can not lose 14 games in a row and think you should hold onto your job,”

He mentioned the Bears’ 14 consecutive losses under Eberflus and recent disagreements involving players Justin Fields and Chase Claypool as factors that could lead to Eberflus being fired.

However, King doesn’t believe that the Bears would also dismiss their general manager, Ryan Poles, as that would seem less logical to him. So, in summary, Peter King thinks it’s possible that the Bears might make a coaching change if they have a bad loss on Thursday, but he doesn’t anticipate a complete overhaul of the management team. 

Whether or not the Bears should actually move on from Eberflus is a matter of debate.

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