Olivia Culpo’s Wild Outfit Photos & 49ers’ Win: A Stirrer

Olivia Culpo's Wild Outfit Photos & 49ers' Win: A Stirrer

The big NFL game this Sunday between the San Francisco 49ers and the Arizona Cardinals was one of the most exciting matches we’ve seen so far this season. The 49ers came out on top with a score of 35-16.

In terms of performance, the 49ers are currently the only undefeated team in the NFL, while the Cardinals are having a tough time in the 2023 season.

Christian McCaffrey had an incredible game, scoring three touchdowns and rushing for 106 yards on 20 carries. In the process, he broke Jerry Rice’s record of scoring a touchdown in every game for 12 games as a 49er.

But McCaffrey wasn’t the only standout in the game. His fiancée, Culpo, also made quite an impression with her outfit.

Olivia Culpo's Wild Outfit Photos & 49ers' Win: A Stirrer
Olivia Culpo's Wild Outfit Photos & 49ers' Win: A Stirrer

Culpo has gained quite a following on social media due to her lively personality and bold fashion choices at McCaffrey’s games. Her regular Instagram posts have also been a hit.

It’s heartening to see McCaffrey thriving in San Francisco, especially considering his past injuries that raised concerns about his career. There were even rumors that his personal life with Culpo was contributing to his injuries, especially when she got hurt while supporting him.

Fortunately, it seems that those issues have been resolved, and McCaffrey is now healthy and performing exceptionally well.

Now, we’ll eagerly await his performance in the upcoming matches, with the certainty that Culpo will continue to be a supportive presence by his side.

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