Brian Daboll’s Frustration: Daniel Jones on Giants Sideline

Brian Daboll's Frustration: Daniel Jones on Giants Sideline

Brian Daboll, the coach, isn’t pleased with his starting quarterback, Daniel Jones, tonight. The frustration became evident when Jones made a costly mistake by throwing an interception that resulted in a 97-yard touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks. This put the Seahawks ahead 21-3 in the late third quarter. Daboll showed his displeasure with Jones as they left the field.

Later, while sitting on the bench, Daboll and Jones discussed the play, and Daboll threw a tablet in Jones’ direction, seemingly out of frustration. Jones is having a tough game, partly because his offensive line is struggling and has allowed nine sacks. However, he’s also made several mistakes, including multiple interceptions and losing the ball in a strip sack.

Furthermore, Daboll appeared disappointed when Jones almost threw another interception in the first half. A Seattle defensive back nearly intercepted the pass intended for Wandale Robinson on a short route, and Jones missed the opportunity to pass to Jalin Hyatt, who was open down the field. We’ll have to wait and see what both Daboll and Jones have to say about this in the postgame interviews.

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