Witch Tier List 2023: Top Picks for October

It’s time to tap into your inner magic and explore the diverse worlds of the rising witch. Venture across various landscapes with your team of characters, each equipped with the finest gear, from enchanted forests to icy caves, fiery lava pits, and eerie towers.

Take a moment to appreciate the beauty that surrounds you, but keep your wits about you, especially during real-time battles. One mistaken move could spell a setback for your team.

Our Revived Witch tier list serves a specific purpose: to help you understand the strengths and abilities of the resurrected witch characters. Some witches are incredibly powerful, while others assist characters like Ron Weasley in becoming skilled magicians. If you’re not satisfied with your current roster, we also provide a tutorial on resurrecting witches.

Witch Tier List 2023: Top Picks for October

Breakdown of the witch rankings:

Rank S:

  • Ella
  • Celanya
  • Tuonel
  • Amanami
  • Ushpia
  • Mayahuel
  • Afallen
  • Mineer

Rank A:

  • Yui
  • Aksha
  • Cnetia
  • Caledonia
  • Lilia
  • Gooveig
  • La Crima
  • Arcana

Rank B:

  • Inna & Lou
  • Luan
  • Flora
  • Nom
  • Pakane
  • Tama

Rank C:

  • Octavia
  • Fey
  • Hilda
  • Shuffle
  • Nocturna
  • Elis
  • Nemesi
  • Avail
  • Cetess
  • Yurugu
  • Eulalia
  • Primula
  • Mortimer
  • Ruda
  • Croche
  • Yothaya
  • Viola
  • Anemone
  • Cuspidata
  • Czerni
  • Mikoto

Tier lists for different roles within the game:

Revived Witch Destroyer Tier List:

  • S Rank: Destroyer
  • A Rank: Yui
  • B Rank: Kyphon
  • C Rank: Octavia, Fey, Hilda

Revived Witch Guardian Tier List:

  • S Rank: Afallen
  • A Rank: Caledonia
  • B Rank: Luan
  • C Rank: Avail, Cetess, Yurugu

Revived Witch Assassin Tier List:

  • S Rank: Celanya
  • A Rank: Akasha
  • B Rank: Inna & Lou
  • C Rank: Shuffle, Nocturna, Elis, Nemesi

Revived Witch Mage Tier List:

  • S Rank: Ushpia, Mayahuel, Mineer
  • A Rank: Lilia
  • B Rank: Pakane
  • C Rank: Viola, Anemone, Cuspidata

Revived Witch Healer Tier List:

  • S Rank: Tuonel
  • A Rank: Cynetia
  • B Rank: Flora, Nom
  • C Rank: Eulalia, Primula, Mortimer, Ruda, Croche, Yothaya

Revived Witch Compeller Tier List:

  • S Rank: Amanami
  • A Rank: Goorveig, La Crima, Arcana
  • B Rank: Tama
  • C Rank: Czerni, Mikoto

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Revived Witch a Gacha Game?

Yes, Revived Witch is indeed a Gacha game. It features a wide array of characters that players can collect, and it even offers 10x free Gacha Summons when you start playing.

Does Revive Witch have a PVP mode?

Absolutely! Revived Witch includes various modes, including the competitive PVP mode and dungeon mode. In PVP mode, you can utilize both your attacking and defensive strategies to compete with other players.

Where can I play Revived Witch?

You can enjoy Revived Witch on your mobile devices, whether you have an Android or an iOS device. PC users can also play the game by installing an Android emulator like Bluestacks. 

Happy gaming!

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