Get Twins in Sims 4: 2023 Guide

In The Sims 4, having twins or triplets during a Sim’s pregnancy is quite rare. The chances of having twins are roughly around 10%, while the chances of having triplets are only about 1%.

However, players can actually influence whether their Sim gives birth to a boy or a girl, as well as increase the likelihood of having multiple children. Various methods to achieve this include:

Get Twins in Sims 4: 2023 Guide


Fertile Rewards: 

You can obtain Fertile rewards from the Rewards Store by spending 3,000 points. These rewards boost the chances of having twins.

Fertility Massage: 

Purchase the Spa Day Game Pack to access a Fertility Massage from a Spa. This special massage can increase the odds of having twins.

Wellness Skill of a Sim: 

Improve a Sim’s Wellness Skill until they can give Massages, which is part of the Spa Day Game Pack. Then, have them give a Fertility Massage to a Sim who hopes to have twins. This method is effective but requires access to a massage table.

On The Ley Line Lot Trait: 

If you have the City Living Expansion Pack, you can use the “On The Ley Line” lot trait. This trait enhances the fertility of Sims living on that lot, increasing the likelihood of multiple births. A similar effect can be observed in Vampire Sims.

Wishing Well: 

The City Living Expansion Pack also includes a wishing well that can grant wishes, including increasing a Sim’s fertility.

Elixir of Fertility: 

In the Outdoor Retreat expansion, Sims with a level 10 Herbalism skill can craft the Elixir of Fertility. This powerful potion significantly increases the chances of having twins or triplets. To make it, you’ll need three Morel Mushrooms, two False Morels, one Dust Spirit, and a blackberry.


It’s important to note that these methods are the only legitimate ways to influence the chances of having twins or triplets in the game. Cheating may be an option if the game’s developers allow it, but these methods provide a more balanced and immersive experience for players looking to expand their Sim families.

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