Veronika Rajek: Ready for 2023 NFL Season in Stunning Outfit

Slovakian model and Instagram influencer Veronika Rajek recently posted a new photo of herself dressed in a football outfit, signaling her excitement for the upcoming 2023 NFL season.

In the 2022 season, Veronika was a fan of Tom Brady, but now she’s showing her support for Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow. At 27 years old, Rajek shared a fresh Instagram post featuring her in a football jersey with rolled-up sleeves and black compression shorts.

In her caption, Veronika wrote

“The wait is finally over, @nfl & Ve is back on track. Envision and capture now the moment’s that will become memories. Welcome new era.”

In Rajek’s recent post about football attire, it received more than 270,000 likes and garnered hundreds of comments.

During the last football season, Veronika publicly showed her affection for the renowned quarterback, Tom Brady. Rajek, on the other hand, donned a football jersey with the number 12 and shared numerous photos on Instagram.

Interestingly, those photos only received 223,184 likes. This significant difference in likes between then and now reflects the remarkable increase in her popularity over the past year.

Veronika also expressed her admiration for Joe Burrow, a talented quarterback who unfortunately suffered a calf injury. Fortunately, Joe Burrow is set to play in the upcoming Sunday’s game against the Browns.

We’ll have to wait and see if Veronika decides to post something to support Cincinnati’s Joe Burrow in the upcoming season.

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