Irina Shayk’s Seductive Bedroom Pics Amid Tom Brady Rumors

Irina Shayk, who used to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine, doesn’t pay much attention to the gossip about her connection with NFL icon Tom Brady.

Recently, she posted a picture of herself lying in bed wearing a beautiful white outfit. This photo quickly became very popular on Instagram, getting over 70,000 likes within just an hour.

Us Weekly recently shared that Brady and Shayk are comfortable and relaxed around each other.

“Irina and Tom are still dating. Both of them are busy with families and their careers, but they enjoy each other’s company,” Us Weekly reported on Wednesday. “Irina thinks Tom is a sweet, standup guy, and Tom feels at ease with Irina.”

Shayk, who is 37 years old, recently took a summer vacation with her former romantic partner, Bradley Cooper. This didn’t appear to upset her current partner, Brady, because he understands the challenges of co-parenting.

Furthermore, it was previously mentioned in DailyMail that Shayk supports Brady in managing his anxiety. It’s evident that he thinks they can create a meaningful and special connection together.

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