Super Hero Clicker Race Codes (September 2023)

Super Hero Clicker Race is a game where you can pretend to be your favorite heroes from Roblox. It’s a racing game, so you can win coins and Gems by racing. You can use those Gems to buy pets, capes, and upgrades. But, here’s something cool – you can also use codes to get free stuff in the game. The developers regularly release new codes.

To find these codes for Super Hero Clicker Race, keep an eye on the developer’s social media accounts. They usually share codes when something special happens, like a new feature coming out. Sometimes, you might need to play a lot or do certain things in the game to get a code.

Super Hero Clicker Race Codes (September 2023)

These codes are like gifts from the developers to you for being a loyal player. Just remember, you can only use each code once, so don’t wait too long to use them. Oh, and if you join the official Era Games Roblox group, you might even get more codes. It’s not too hard to get codes, but remembering them all can be a bit tricky. You can find more info about getting and using these codes on the Super Hero Clicker FAQ page.

Guess what? Super Hero Clicker Race has a special place on Discord where players hang out. You can chat with other players and sometimes get sneak peeks at cool things that are coming to the game.

Now, here’s the neat part – you can enter these codes in the game to get cool rewards. Like, if you type in ‘freepet,’ you’ll get a Super Hero Pet. There are other codes too, like ‘LUCKY’ for a Luck Boost, ‘big10k’ for a 3x Gems Boost, ‘5000happy’ for 250 Gems, and ‘100likes’ for 200 Gems.

But hold on, there’s more to know. Some places on the internet might have wrong info about codes that don’t work anymore. Right now, there are no codes like that. So don’t be fooled!

If you’re not sure how to use the codes, here’s what you do: Start the game and find the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen. Click on it. A new window pops up – type in the code and hit ‘Redeem.’ You’ll get cool stuff in the game!

Okay, now let’s talk about another game called My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero. It’s a game where you create your own hero inspired by anime and fight villains with cool skills. You can even battle other players. And guess what? You can use codes here too to get stuff for free!

You can get all sorts of things in this game by using codes. Things like tickets, drones, hero coins, energy, and credits. Here are some codes you can try out

Super Hero Clicker Race Codes – September List

  • 250HCPUSH3 (North America Server)
  • 250HCPUSH1 (North America Server)
  • DICEDESTINY – Sea Version only
  • NAKLASGAMER – Sea Version only
  • JAMESMER – Sea Version only
  • bluestacks22 – Rewards: 300 Hero Coins and 100 Energy
  • PROTAE – Sea Version only

Expired List

  • MHAS6TSH04
  • Happy2212 
  • NYCCTSH2022 
  • Winter2022 
  • TSHCRX2022
  • MHAEU070
  • AX21HERO
  • MHA999 
  • CCR04GIFT 
  • TSH2CR2022 
  • TSHCEO2021 
  • WHM2021

So, how do you use these codes? Easy! Start the game and find the Gift Box icon on the right side of the screen. Click on it. A new window shows up – go to the ‘Gift Pack Exchange’ tab. Put in one of the codes we gave you in the ‘Please enter the pick-up code’ part. Click ‘Take’ and get your rewards! Have fun playing!

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