Alchemy Stars Codes September 2023

Alchemy Stars is an engaging mobile game that falls under the category of tactical RPG. It offers various exciting game modes and a captivating storyline. The game was developed by Tourdog Studio in China and is published by Tencent Games. It was initially released on June 17, 2021, for both Android and iOS platforms.

Alchemy Stars Codes September 2023

In Alchemy Star s, you take on the role of a leader who must command a team of unique characters in turn-based combat. Your mission is to explore the world, uncover its mysteries, and become a formidable warrior.

One of the appealing features of the game is the code redemption system. By entering specific codes, players can receive free rewards without having to spend any money.

Alchemy Star s Codes – September List

  • Hearthstones, Star Flare, and other in-game items.
  • ASGamer1215 
  • ASLIVE1215 
  • askranniversary12 
  • ASGACHA2022 
  • ASLIVE1214 
  • Alchemy Stars JP Server codes
  • alchemyfanart – Rewards: Anonymous Gift II, 5,000 Nightium
  • Alchemycosplay – Rewards: General Jasper I, 5,000 Nightium
  • alchemyweek2 – Rewards: 150 Lumamber, 10,000 Nightium 
  • alchemyweek3 – Rewards: Anonymous Gift II, 5,000 Nightium

Expired List

  • AS1V18TH7478 
  • FGW1J30S 
  • FGT6VWQ3 
  • by1snomdt 
  • FGV6EP4O 
  • 2U19Q0AD 
  • GG06699Q 
  • ASSK14TH975 
  • ASTH2022VD 
  • ASTH2022CNY 
  • ASTH2022
  • Lighttower1 
  • queen1
  • northland0
  • grace0
  • Asyouwish
  • lumopolis1202 
  • General Jasper I, Maple Bonsai Furniture 
  • Stone Forces 
  • Alter Blade 
  • Hired Gunner 
  • alchemystarsbr01
  • alchemystarslatam01
  • alchemystarslatam001
  • alchemystarslatam002
  • alchemystarslatam003
  • The Divine 
  • ocean 
  • manticore brooch
  • whiplash 
  • sunshine 
  • The Divine 
  • Scarlet Lette 
  • bonacie 
  • sanguine crystal 
  • TirHotel100 
  • alchemystars
  • oddjobs 
  • Sakaeblade 
  • dawnflower
  • summer
  • istvan
  • theseed 

The game also has a Japanese server with its own set of codes for rewards.

  1. For those wondering how to redeem the codes, it’s a straightforward process:
  2. Launch the game and click on the “Exclamation mark” icon.
  3. A new window will appear; click on the “Events” button.
  4. Scroll down and find the “Code Redeeming Center,” then click on “Redeem Now.”
  5. Enter one of the provided codes in the “Enter your Code” section.
  6. Click on “Redeem Now,” and you’ll receive the rewards in-game immediately.

Players frequently ask a couple of questions about the game:

  1. Is Alchemy Stars available on PC?

Yes, the game is primarily designed for Android and iOS devices. However, it is possible to play it on a PC by using an Android emulator such as Bluestacks.

  1. How do I reset my Alchemy Star?

To reset your game progress, open the game and go to the start menu (where you select your server). There, you’ll find a logout button in the top left corner. Click on it, and if you want to create a new ID, you can do so in the settings.

  1. Are Alchemy Stars online?

Yes, Alchemy Star s is an online game. It requires an internet connection to play, as it involves multiplayer interactions and updates from the game servers.

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