Idle Champions Codes September 2023

Idle Champions is a free-to-play game based on Dungeons and Dragons. It’s a strategic management game that you can play on your computer or mobile devices. In this game, you control a group of heroes who automatically fight enemies as they move forward. The game gained a lot of popularity after its launch and was even released on major platforms like PlayStation, Xbox, and Android.

Idle Champions Codes September 2023

One cool aspect of the game is that you can face various challenges and tasks, but the unpredictable nature of when they’ll occur can make it a bit tricky. That’s where Idle Champions codes come in – they’re like secret keys that you can use to get rewards in the game without having to spend a lot of time playing.

The developers of Idle Champions have created these codes so players can get extra items and make better progress. If you’re looking for working Idle Champions redeem codes, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out more.

Now, let’s take a look at some frequently asked questions and a list of codes that you can use to get rewards in the game:

Frequently Asked Questions of Idle Champions Codes

What are Idle Champions Codes? These are special codes that the game developers offer to players as a promotion. Using these codes can get you things like free chests, power-ups, and other in-game items.

How can you use codes in Idle Champions? Using codes is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open Idle Champions and go to the shopping menu (you can press “S” to do this).
  2. Look for the “Open Chest Location” option and click on it.
  3. A space for promo codes will appear. Paste the code you have there.
  4. Don’t forget to redeem the rewards by clicking the “Redeem” button.

Idle Champions Codes – September List

Here are some codes that you can use to get rewards in the game:

(Note: These codes might change over time, so make sure to check for updates.)

  • WARD-UKEC-OMIC-BOOK – five gold chests
  • SHAK-ADHA-NIDB-2022 – unlock D’hani and Shaka, along with three gold D’hani chests and three gold Shaka chests
  • DB20-22KE-NTSE-LISE – unlock Selise and Kent, along with three gold Selise chests and three gold Kent chests
  • EPIS-ODE6-ICP4-CODE – gold Strix chest, gold Virgil chest, gold Walnut chest, Gold Kent chest, and Gold Evelyn chest
  • EPIS-ODE5-ICP4-CODE – gold Virgil chest
  • EPIS-ODE4-ICP4-CODE – gold Strix chest
  • EPIS-ODE2-ICP4-CODE – gold Kent chest
  • EPIS-ODE1-ICP4-CODE – gold Evelyn chest
  • REDD-ITQA-200! – three gold chests
  • EGBE-RTIS-HERE – seven Oxventures champion gold chests
  • HIGH-HARV-ESTI-DEY6 – one electrum chest
  • BIRD-IELU-CIUS – Lucius, three gold Lucius chests, and Birdie Lucius skin
  • BIKE-YOCK-DOGE – electrum chest
  • VECN-ALIV-ES!! – Korth, three gold Korth chests, and Vecna cultist Korth skin
  • GAME-WEEK-2022 – Avren, Havilar, Krull, Melf, and Nove, and 16 gold chests for each one
  • BARO-VIAN-LORD – two silver Widdle chests
  • VALE-NTIN-EDAY – electrum chest
  • XXXX-XXXX-XXXX – two gold chests
  • UNLO-CKDM-NOW! – Dungeon Master and two gold Dungeon Master chests
  • MRHQ-KRX9-WKGH – Celeste started pack
  • THET-ARRA-SQUE – two gold chests
  • LOGI-C&RE-ASON – two silver Alyndra chests
  • MOON-CARD-WISH – two silver Ellywick chests
  • JOYF-ULLY-EVIL – two silver Prudence chests
  • MAYH-EM&M-USIC – two silver Brig chests
  • EACH-NERD-HASA-ROLE – two silver chests
  • IMPO-SING-PRES-ENCE – two silver Sgt. Knox’s chests
  • ECHO-OFZA-RIEL – two silver chests
  • HEAL-ING&-FIRE – two silver Orkira chests
  • CAPT-AINS-COAT – two silver Corazon chests
  • DEVA-SREG-ALIA – two silver Orisha chests
  • BLOT-CHOF-BLUE – two silver D’hani chests
  • GRUM-PY&G-RUFF – two silver Mehen chests
  • PALA-DINO-FTYR – two silver Selise chests
  • FELL-OWHU-MANS – two silver Hew Maan chests
  • SPOT-WEAK-NESS – two silver Talin chests
  • DOPP-ELGA-NGER – two silver chests
  • UNHO-LYBL-IGHT – two silver Viconia chests
  • SHAK-ASPU-ZZLE – two silver Shaka chests
  • AMUR-DERB-UNNY – two silver Yorven chests
  • ACQI-NCEV-ELYN – Evelyn and three gold Evelyn chests
  • STRI-XACQ-INC! – Strix and three gold Strix chests
  • EYES-WIDE-OPEN – one gold Avren chest
  • ELLY-WICK-CARD – five gold chests
  • STAG-GERM-EATY – electrum chest
  • EXAC-TSHA-GGY! – electrum chest
  • AGYG-AXCH-EST! – electrum chest
  • GREA-TEST-GAMY – electrum chest
  • GARY-CONT-TRPG – electrum chest
  • GARY-CONR-ULES – electrum chest
  • AGEM-IXMO-TOR! – electrum chest
  • CRAG-MONA-RCHY – electrum chest
  • ACOG-NACM-YRRH – electrum chest
  • GARY-CONJ-ASON – electrum chest
  • REST-INPI-ECES-PURT – one gold spurt chest
  • MAXD-UNBA-RFTW – gold chest
  • THEY-AWNI-NGPO-RTAL – gold chest
  • WAKA-NDA4-EVER – gold chest
  • AGOL-DCHE-ST4U – gold chest
  • TAKE-THIS-LOOT-CODE – gold Strix chest
  • IDLE-CHAM-PION-SNOW – gold chest

Expired codes

No expired codes at the moment.

Feel free to use these codes to enhance your gameplay and enjoy the rewards they bring. Just keep in mind that codes can expire, so it’s a good idea to use them sooner rather than later.

Remember, if you have any more questions, you can refer back to this guide for assistance. Happy gaming!

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