Fortnite .20 Update: Lever Pistol, Kinetic Boomerav25ng, Level-Up Pack, and More!

The third big update for Fortnite, known as v25.20, will be released on July 26, 2023, during Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Leakers have shared some information about this update, saying that it will bring a few new items to the game and also mark the end of Epic Game’s summer break. However, it seems that there won’t be any major changes to the game. Still, players can expect new challenges and quests to be added once the downtime is over.

Fortnite .20 Update: Lever Pistol, Kinetic Boomerav25ng, Level-Up Pack, and More!

These challenges and quests will be really useful because the current season is ending in about a month. By completing them, players will be able to level up and earn Battle Stars, which can be used to unlock all the remaining cosmetic items available in the Seasonal Battle Pass. So, it’s a great opportunity for players to make progress and get their hands on all the cool rewards before the season ends.

Fortnite update v25.20 early patch notes: New content and changes

1) upcoming Lever Pistol in a more understandable way:

Fortnite .20 Update: Lever Pistol, Kinetic Boomerav25ng, Level-Up Pack, and More!

The Lever Pistol is set to be released in the next Fortnite update (v25.20). It’s a new weapon that was initially showcased at the beginning of Chapter 4 Season 3 but wasn’t added to the game back then. However, according to leakers and data miners, it seems like the v25.20 update will finally introduce the Lever Pistol to the game.

The Lever Pistol will be available in various rarities except for the highest rarity, which is Mythic. You’ll be able to find it on the ground as Floor Loot, inside Chests, Drones, Holo Chests, and even Fishing Spots.

Fortnite .20 Update: Lever Pistol, Kinetic Boomerav25ng, Level-Up Pack, and More!

What makes the Lever Pistol interesting is that it’s a skill-based weapon. This means that players will need good accuracy and precision to make the most of it in combat. If you use the Lever Pistol, you’ll have to make sure you land all your shots effectively, as missing could leave you vulnerable to counter-attacks from other players. It’ll be a weapon that rewards accuracy and skill, making it a unique addition to the game. Players will likely need some practice to master it, but skilled shooters could become quite formidable with this new addition to the loot pool.

 2) clearer explanation of the Kinetic Boomerang unvaulting:

The Kinetic Boomerang, along with other Kinetic weapons like the Shockwave Hammer and Kinetic Blade, was vaulted due to some in-game issues. However, unlike the previous times when it was vaulted, this time, the Kinetic Boomerang is being unvaulted and brought back into the game before the current season ends.

Players can expect the Kinetic Boomerang to be available again in about 24 days from now. This is great news for the Fortnite community, as they will have roughly a month of playtime left before the season concludes. Players who enjoyed using the Kinetic Boomerang before its vaulting will be happy to see its return, and it’s likely to add some excitement and variety to the gameplay. So get ready to welcome back the Kinetic Boomerang with open arms and enjoy its unique mechanics in battle once again.

3) August Crew Pack

Fortnite .20 Update: Lever Pistol, Kinetic Boomerav25ng, Level-Up Pack, and More!

In August 2023, Fortnite players can expect the new Crew Pack to be revealed either through leaks during the downtime of the v25.20 update or officially once the update is completed. Just like in previous instances, Epic Games has managed to keep the details of the upcoming Crew Pack a secret, adding to the anticipation within the community. Players are eager to discover the new Outfit that the developers have prepared for them as part of the Crew Pack. It’s always exciting to see what exclusive items and rewards are included in the monthly Crew Pack, and players are looking forward to finding out what surprises await them in the August edition.

4) Level-Up Pack

During the latter half of each Fortnite season, Epic Games introduces a Level-Up Pack, which players can buy using V-Bucks. These packs are designed to help players progress quickly through the Seasonal Levels, offering a boost of 28 levels in a very short amount of time. This allows players who may be struggling to level up rapidly during the final stages of the season to catch up and complete their Battle Pass before the season concludes.

For players who might be falling behind on their Battle Pass progress or find it challenging to earn enough XP to level up quickly, the Level-Up Pack provides a convenient and efficient solution. By purchasing this pack, they can rapidly gain Seasonal Levels, unlocking various rewards and cosmetics from the Battle Pass in record-breaking time. It’s an excellent option for those who want to make the most of their Battle Pass before the season ends and ensure they don’t miss out on any of the exciting rewards and items available.

5) New Reality Augments

Fortnite .20 Update: Lever Pistol, Kinetic Boomerav25ng, Level-Up Pack, and More!

According to information from the leaker/data miner Wensoing, after the update v25.20, Fortnite might introduce four new Reality Augments: Pistol Recycle, Scoped, Fire Armory, and Balloon Fall. Among these, Scoped and Pistol Recycle are expected to be particularly impressive additions.

Scoped is designed to enhance the performance of scoped weapons in a unique way. It will lower the fire rate of these weapons, meaning they won’t shoot as rapidly, but in return, their damage output will be increased. This will make scoped weapons more impactful with each shot, rewarding players for their accuracy and precision.

On the other hand, Pistol Recycle offers an interesting advantage for players using pistols. With this Reality Augment, there will be a 33% chance that pistols won’t consume any ammunition when fired. This means that a third of the time, players won’t have to worry about running out of ammo while using pistols, making them more versatile and potentially a very valuable choice in various situations.

6) Fortnite x Futurama

As of now, Epic Games has officially announced a collaboration with Futurama, but the full details of the collaboration have not been disclosed yet. A teaser for the collaboration has been shared on social media platforms, which has likely sparked excitement among fans of both Fortnite and Futurama.

However, it’s essential to approach rumors from sources like 4Chan with caution, as they may not always be accurate. While the rumors suggest that the collaboration will bring numerous cosmetic items to the Item Shop, including three Outfits and two Back Blings, it’s important to remember that these are still speculations and not confirmed information.

Fortnite .20 Update: Lever Pistol, Kinetic Boomerav25ng, Level-Up Pack, and More!

Until Epic Games makes an official announcement detailing the content of the collaboration, we cannot be certain about the specific cosmetic items or any other features that will be added to the game. It’s best to wait for the official announcement from Epic Games to get accurate and reliable information about the Futurama collaboration in Fortnite.

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