Quickly Import Faces & Presets in NarakaBladepoint

Learn how to easily customize and personalize the faces and character presets in the game Naraka Bladepoint.

Naraka Bladepoint offers a unique feature that allows you to customize all the available characters and classes according to your preferences. As the game is now free-to-play, many new players are exploring this customization aspect by examining the pre-existing faces and character presets. Not only can you customize characters within the game, but you can also download and use presets created by other players.

Quickly Import Faces & Presets in NarakaBladepoint

To import and use faces in Naraka Bladepoint, you’ll need a photo of the image you want to represent in the game. It can be a selfie if you want to play as yourself or any other face you like. Make sure the image file is in PNG format, as other formats won’t work for this purpose.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to import and use faces:

Go to the Heroes Tab in Naraka Bladepoint and access the Main Menu.

Click on the customization options to create a “New Face.”

In the Smart Customize section, click on the Select Button to browse through the PNG files on your system.

Choose the desired image file and import it as your new face in the game.

After uploading the face, you can further adjust and fine-tune it. By clicking on the Generate button, the new face will be successfully imported to Naraka Bladepoint.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with how the imported face looks in the battle royale, don’t worry. You can still edit it further by customizing features like hair, cheekbones, lips, and chin to create the perfect character that suits your preferences.

Similarly, you can also download character presets in the game, just like faces. You can find many presets on Steamcommunity to choose from. To import and use character presets, follow these steps:

Go to the Heroes tab from the main menu and select the Customization option.

Choose an existing character slot or create a new one for your character preset.

Quickly Import Faces & Presets in NarakaBladepoint

Select and upload the downloaded character preset.

Once imported, you can apply it to your characters in the game.

It’s worth noting that character presets have certain limitations when it comes to customization. However, you can still make several adjustments to create the character that best suits your preferences within Naraka Bladepoint.

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