Tier list for Azur Lane (May 2023)

Azur Lane is a captivating RPG game featuring exceptional 2D visuals and strategic gameplay, which has amassed a whopping five million downloads on the Google Play Store. With the ability to assemble formidable fleets composed of various ships, players can engage in fierce battles and earn incredible prizes. With an extensive collection of over 300 ships that belong to different tiers, the developers have crafted the perfect tool to help you construct an unstoppable fleet. In this post, we’ll be providing you with a comprehensive tier list for the different ships in Azur Lane.

Tier list for Azur Lane (May 2023)

Azur Lane tier list (May 2023)

Players of Azur Lane can select from a diverse array of ships and strategically position them in either the front or back row of their fleets. With three slots allocated in each row, gamers can expertly deploy their ships in various attacking and defensive positions to gain a tactical advantage.

Here are all the ships that players can use in the front row:

  • Destroyers
  • Light Cruisers
  • Heavy Cruisers
  • Large Cruiser
  • Battlecruiser

Tier list for Azur Lane (May 2023)

Here are all the ships that players can use in the back row:

  • Battleships
  • Aviation Battleship
  • Monitors
  • Repair Ships
  • Aircraft Carrier
  • Light Aircraft Carrier
  • Submarines
  • Submarine Seaplane Carrier


S-tier ships are the strongest ships in Azur Lane, with powerful attacks and strike capabilities.

  • Light Cruiser: Helena, San Diego Retrofit,
  • Battleship: Friedrich der Grosse, Richelieu, Gascogne, Georgia, Odin, Nagato, Howe, Warspite Retrofit, Monarch
  • Aircraft Carrier: Ryuuhou, Enterprise, Essex, Formidable
  • Submarine Seaplane Carrier: I-13
  • Heavy Cruiser: Roon, Drake, Baltimore, Bremerton
  • Destroyer: Ayanami
  • Light Aircraft Carrier: Centaur
  • Large Cruiser: Azuma


Tier list for Azur Lane (May 2023)

In Azur Lane, A-tier ships are a wise selection for gamers seeking to overpower their opponents. By integrating A-tier and S-tier ships, players can create formidable combinations that significantly enhance their front-row offensive capabilities.

  • Light Cruiser: Neptune, Chapayev, Montpelier, Swiftsure, Ping Hai Retrofit, Ning Hai Retrofit
  • Battleship: King George V, Alabama, Duke of York, Tosa, Bismarck
  • Aircraft Carrier: Illustrious, Perseus, Bunker Hill, Saratoga Retrofit, Graf Zeppelin, Intrepid
  • Submarine: I-168, U-47
  • Heavy Cruiser: Cheshire, Zara, Saint Louis, Portland Retrofit, Minneapolis
  • Destroyer: Yukikaze, Eldridge, Kitakaze, Tashkent, Laffey Retrofit, An-Shan
  • Light Aircraft Carrier: Unicorn
  • Repair Ship: Vestal


Tier list for Azur Lane (May 2023)

While B-tier ships in Azur Lane may have limited functionality, they can still be utilized effectively in support and back-row fleets. By employing strategic gameplay techniques, gamers can maximize the potential of these ships and outmaneuver their adversaries.

  • Light Cruiser: Birmingham, Hermione, Cleveland, Little Bel, Jeanne D’Arc, Aurora, Dido
  • Battleship: Champagne, North Carolina, Tirpitz, Valiant, Queen Elizabeth, Jean Bart
  • Aircraft Carrier: Casablanca, Kaga, Ark Royal
  • Aviation Battleship: Hyuuga Retrofit
  • Heavy Cruiser: Mogami Retrofit, London
  • Destroyer: Javelin, Hanazuki, Z1 Retrofit,
  • Light Aircraft Carrier: Shouhou
  • Battle Cruiser: Hood
  • Submarine: Albacore, U-81


C-tier ships in Azur Lane possess only average stats and are not well-suited for engaging formidable opponents in battle. It is recommended that gamers avoid using these ships to the greatest extent possible.

  • Light Cruisers: Newcastle Retrofit, Belfast, Reno, Kinu, Curlew Retrofit
  • Sheffield
  • Battleships: Suruga, Gangut, Little Renown, Izumo
  • Aircraft Carrier: Souryuu Retrofit, Victorious, Zuikaku, Shoukaku, Hiryuu Retrofit
  • Heavy Cruisers: Algerie, Prinz Eugen, Wichita
  • Destroyer: Kizuna Al, Eskimo, Kagerou Retrofit, Kawakaze


Tier list for Azur Lane (May 2023)

Azur Lane’s D-tier ships are the weakest ships in the game, with incredibly low stats and limited abilities. Gamers are strongly advised against using these ships in high-level battles or as part of their primary fleets.

  • Light Cruisers: Curacoa Retrofit, Biloxi, Sendai Retrofit
  • Battleship: Mikasa
  • Aircraft Carrier: Fumiruiru, Bataan, Eagle, Shangri-La, Akagi, Taihou
  • Destroyer: Carabiniere, Naganami, Tanikaze
  • Submarine: U-556

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